At Home Care

After an emergency visit or surgery, your pet can be more sensitive both mentally and physically. 

Try to give your animal the best care possible to help them recover faster. Here are the things you can do to manage your pet’s comfort:

Keep Your Pet Isolated

Pets can be stressed after a traumatic experience or surgery, and you don’t want to cause them any more. Try to keep your pet away from animals, children and excessive stimulation for at least 3-4 days.

Food & Water

Please follow the Discharge Instructions that will be provided by our team regarding providing your pet food and water. Often after being in the hospital, changes to feeding and watering may be recommended after initially getting home.

Monitor any Wounds or Surgical Incisions

Discharge Instructions will be provided to help guide you on what to expect after taking your pet home. Any increase of swelling, bruising or drainage needs to be communicated to the hospital as they are signs of possible complications of healing.

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